Thursday, January 5, 2012

Putting Necessary Widgets On Blogger

There are so many things we can put on our side bar blog. We can easily choose from the Blogger itself or find in other websites. I don't know what will i put maybe at first start, i will put basic widget such as

  • search button - easier to find my articles in this blog later on
  • follower button - do follow me.
  • archive - containing all the posts in this blog
  • labels - the category of all the posts
  • networkedblogs - for autoping function to my facebook profile, my fanpage and my twitter
  • follow by email - for those who do not have time to read my updates, can also being updated through their emails
  • shoutbox - you may leave your link or shout anything to me but do not spam
Later, I maybe will make changes but as for today, these widgets will be remained in this blog.

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