Thursday, February 9, 2012

Open University Malaysia

Yuppp! This is where I study. Open University Malaysia. There are so many students who are considered as adult learner. Adult learner means that people who are having family and working at the same time. Sound pretty tough, right? But mixing with all types of people is also good. We tend to know each other interests and background. Don't just simply look down on people. These are people who actually want to upgrade their qualification for better post in their working career.

So... now you know why I further my study. Study part time while working indeed a very hard to survive. Yes! I want to get promoted to a higher position. Now I possessed a Diploma only. Just can position myself as an assistant officer.

I found this university really suits me well and I love to study here. So many things happened during my study. The good and bad times. Sigh.. Need to be independent and know how to find friends. Be polite and nice to other people and people will be polite and nice to you too...

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