Friday, July 13, 2012

How To Add Google Analytics Tracking ID Code In Blogger

How To Add Google Analytics Tracking ID Code In Blogger

This tutorial will show you step by step in adding the Google Analytics Tracking ID Code In Blogger. Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge... Hopefully this will help you to do it by yourself. Good luck! 

1. Kindly open and click Create An Account.

2. Sign up first if you do not have any Google account by clicking on Sign Up button or if you already have Google Account, please click Sign In button.

3. If you click in the Sign Up button, you will need to fill in the particulars in the form and a click Create My Account button. Please follow the steps given after that.

4. Once your Google Account created, you may click Sign In button.

5. After that, please click Sign Up button to register your Google Analytics account.

6. Fill in your account name. For example Teratak Liana. Then, fill in your blog URL.

7. After successfully creating your Google Analytics account, you will be given Tracking ID. Please copy the code.

8. If you scroll down a bit, you will be given codes to be paste in your blog template. (Not recommended for beginner). Must choose either one. If you choose to paste these codes in your blog template, then you do not need to paste the Google Analytics Tracking ID Code in Blogger dashboard.

9. Open your Blogger dashboard. Click on Settings >> Others. Scroll down until you see Google Analytics. Paste the Tracking ID here.

10. Finally, you've made it. Then, you can see your blog's traffic statistics in Google Analytics reports.

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