Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work To Earn For Living

Everyone need to work to earn for living. If not working, how to get money. If do not have many, how to survive?

Work.. Work.. Work...  Spend 8 hours, 5 days in a week... Happy or not happy... still have to work. What I need to say here.. wake up everyone! We have feelings, we have family, we have community. Don't simply ignore all these things. 

Have to be wise in overcoming the stress. When you are stress please tackle it faster or otherwise it will become worst..

I don't know why right now, I'm not really happy at my work. Doing the same work for over years. Sometimes makes me bored and somehow I also need to be promoted but there are no vacancies in higher post that suit me well. So now I'm still trying to apply work at other places. You know... really a bit sad when your officemates (same batch intake) who joined the agency, now being promoted to higher position. As for my position, there is no promotion post. Why? Maybe that time the management did not think Information Technology is important.

But right now, working environment today need information technology. Computers, laptop, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Internet, Broadband... So.. I'm a bit frustrated... I don't know... Just wait and see...


  1. sometimes we have to make a drastic move rather than to wait and see, and to apply for a new job is the best option you can ever do... wish u best of luck :)

    1. thanks for the advice eny... will try harder...

  2. i agree with what eny said..the best option is to take another move ..sometimes it is not worth at all waiting years and years just to see we are left out far behind the others..
    but as far as boredom is concerned,do something you like during past time..doing hobby stuff would release some of is work,but you deserve some times for youself..

    1. thanks zack.. will spare time to my own happiness...


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