Friday, September 7, 2012

Are You Jealous?

Are You Jealous? If your friend is better that you? Will you take it seriously in positive or negative way? Well... everyone have the right to become jealous. In positive way, it is actually good to motivate you to compete with your friend. But you if take it in negative way, you may be end up with broken relationship.

Oh dear... do you know how important is the relationship? But somehow people tend to forgot about this. This scenario usually happens to any closed relationship. 

Just forget about this. Just do what you can do and improve your performance... Don't just simply break the relationship because of this feeling. Ignore it and you will be happy...

p/s: take it in positive manner...


  1. well, if I come across this matter of course I take it in positive way. we don't have to risk any relationship with anyone (^_________^) right?

  2. i found the english version blog of u :) wahh awesome :) nice, sometimes i like to read english version for my english stufff :) hehehe

  3. tak jealous pun, terimalah kelebihan dan kekurangan diri sendiri. Perbaiki kelemahan dan maintain kelebihan diri.


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