Friday, October 26, 2012

Appreciate Your Blog

Appreciate Your Blog

Do you appreciate your blog? Most of bloggers forgot about this. After having a blog, do not simply leave it like that. What I mean here is, try to customize your blog. Make it cheerful and alive.

For personal blog, a blog is like an electronic diary which consist of your everyday life. So, you might want your readers to come back later. This is called loyal readers.

My suggestions are :

  1. Change your blog appearance periodically could be once in 3 months time
  2. Make variety of blog post. Not just simple concentrate in one interest or preference.
  3. Cheer up your blog by doing Giveaway, Segment or Contest. This will appreciate your readers and let them have something from you.
  4. Update your blog.
  5. Blogwalking to other blog. Let others know your existence.
  6. Leave comments on others's blog
The most important thing here is your blog must have visitors daily. That's how you appreciate your blog and make it interesting for other people to always stick to your blog.


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