Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Blues

Oh no! Today is Monday. I don't want to go to work... so lazy... Is this a syndrome? Am I affected? Do I need to go and see a doctor? Is there any medicine to cure this syndrome? Why always like this every week? Why everyone has the same feeling? Too much thinking on term "why" in my head.

Whatever it is... time to ignore it. Get up and go to work. When arrived at the workplace, zero feeling about job tasks to be done today. Hmmmm... looking at the pc and do nothing. No motivation. No effort.

Doing my work so slow...since the due date is not today. I am lucky. But maybe this evening the monday blues will go away as tomorrow will come Tuesday, the energetic day of the week.

STOP day dreaming AND get back to work as usual. THIS is nonsense. YOU can eliminate this syndrome.

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