Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iWebTool - Website Speed Test

Suddenly, I want to test what is the load time of my blog. Hmmm... is it heavy or light? So... i try to open the iWebTool website which got speed test function. The most famous weight machine (can I say so..) for bloggers to know their blog speed.

And the result of my blog...

Size : 126.52 KB
Load Time : 0.13 seconds
Average Speed per KB : 0 seconds

I did not put many widget in this blog. This blog is the simplest design and using the most important widget sonly. Hopefully, you will get fast loading when visiting this blog. So.. ok then. See ya tomorrow...


  1. Tq sebab share..nak try juga lah..

    btw jemput join segmen : http://nyteamlife.blogspot.com/2012/07/segmen-ke-2-nal-edisi-ramadhan.html

  2. Nice sharing, good information thanks.


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